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6 Garden Clearance Tips for an Overgrown Yard

Are you tired of having an overgrown garden filled with weeds and rubbish? We all want a peaceful garden retreat for those warm evenings, but garden clearance is tough work. In this post, we’ll share our top garden clearance tips to help you tame your overgrown jungle.

1. Figure Out Your Goals

It would be great to have a newly landscaped garden with a hot tub and sweeping deck, but it’s important to set some realistic goals for your garden clearance.

  • Do you want to tackle overgrown plants and get rid of weeds?
  • Do you have piles of garden waste you’d like cleared?
  • Is the grass overgrown and in need of mowing?
  • Are there large trees causing issues?

Figure out what’s most important when clearing your garden, and you can then work out what’s within your budget.

2. Start with Overgrowth

If you’ve got a lot of overgrown plants and weeds, start by pulling these and making easy-to-remove piles. When a garden is overgrown, it’s hard to see the space you’re working with. Getting rid of overgrowth gives you much more space to work with and will make a huge difference to the overall look of the garden.

3. Clear away any rubbish lying around

Rubbish tends to pile up in gardens. Whether it’s useless rainwater barrels, rusty garden tools, broken furniture, or piles of junk, getting rid of this next will make the garden look much better.

A lot of garden waste can be recycled, so make sure you think about using a local recycling centre before throwing away all of your items.

4. Trim Hedges

If you have large hedges in your yard, now is the time to trim them back. Hedges tend to be one of the biggest culprits of messy gardens, but trimming them back gives you nice, defined boundaries and a more polished look.

Did you know the team at All Rubbish Clearance can handle hedge trimming for you as part of a larger garden clearance project? Call us today to find out more!

5. Identify Plants You Want to Keep

Once you’ve started trimming hedges, pulling weeds, and removing junk, you’ll be able to see the plants you love more clearly. Figure out if there are any you’d like to keep and make plans to prune, water, and mulch them to help them grow.

6. Remove All The Garden Waste

At this point, you probably have large piles of garden waste and rubbish that need to be taken away. It’s a daunting process removing all of it yourself, so why not hire the experts?

At All Rubbish Clearance, we can handle the entire process of garden clearance for you. From trimming hedges and removing overgrowth to recycling broken garden tools and taking trash to the landfill, we’ll leave you with a clear, tidy garden to enjoy.

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